Studies in the Book of Daniel


Commentary on Daniel Eleven

Commentary on Daniel Twelve - the Great Tribulation and Time of the Resurrection

The Prophecy of Daniel Seven

The Prophecy of Daniel Two

The General Resurrection and the Book of Daniel

Review of John Evans Prophecies of Daniel Two

The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation, Philip Mauro 

The Rise of the Antichrist FW Farrar

The Gospel of the Kingdom, Phillip Mauro

Identifying Gog & Magog -
The Great Battle of the End Times

The Times of the Gentiles and the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel

Le AntiChrist - Ernest Renen - Part I - Part II - Part III

Rethinking the Kingdom

 Replacement Theology, Truth Or Anti-Semitism ?


Free PDF Books Useful to the Study of Daniel


Commentary on Daniel - Moses Stuart (1850)

Commentary on the Apocalypse - Moses Stuart (1845)

The Events & Times of the Visions of Daniel and John - Samuel Lee (1851)

Apocalypse Fulfilled - Desprez (1854)

Daniel, Apocalypse of the Old Testament - Desprez (1865)

Bishop John Lightfoot Complete Works (1628)

H. Hammond Paraphrase and Annotations (1653)    Vol. I   

H. Hammond Paraphrase and Annotations (1653)  Vol. II

William Gilpin - Exposition on the New Testament (1790)

Hooper, Commentary on Revelation Vol. I  (1861)

Hooper, Commentary on Revelation Vol. II

Hosea Ballou, Notes on the Parables (1805)

David Thom, The Number and Names of the Apocalyptic Beasts (1848)

Samuel Lee, An Inquiry in the Nature, End, and Progress of Prophecy (1849)

Samuel Lee, Eschatology (1859)

Isaac Williams, The Apocalypse (1852)

James Stuart Russell, The Parousia (1878)

Israel Warren, The Parousia (1879)

Farrar, History of Interpretation (1885)

Foy E. Wallace Jr, Book of Revelation (1963)

Phillip Mauro, The Seventy Weeks and the Great Tribulation (1921)

Phillip Mauro, The Hope of Israel (1922)

Milton Terry, Moses and the Prophets (1910)

Jerome's Commentary on Daniel

Sir Isaac Newton - Observations on Daniel & the Apocalypse



Josephus Works

I Maccabees

II Maccabees

III Maccabees

Histories of Herodotus

The Histories of Polybius

Roman History of Titus Livy

Livy - Books 37-End

The Roman History of Appian of Alexandria

Civil Wars - Caesar

Alexandrian War - Caesar

Plutarch - Lives, Marc Antony, Galba, et alia

Anabasis of Xenophon

African & Spanish Wars - Caesar

A Constitutional and Political History of Rome - Taylor (1899)

The Life and Principate of the Emperor Nero - Henderson (1903)

Civil War and Rebellion in the Roman Empire AD 69-70 - Henderson (1908)

The Fall of Jerusalem and Roman Conquest of Judea (1870)

The Jews Under Roman Rule - Morrison (1895)

The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah - Edersheim (1900)

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire Vol. 1 - Gibbon (1840)

Alfred Edersheim, History of the Bible (1890)



Seneca Epistle XCI - Burning of Lyons

The Roman System of Provincial Administration - Arnold (1906)

Chronology of Herod's Reign - Filmer

Paul and His Epistles - Hays (1915)

Daniel's Last Vision - Farquharson

Le AntiChrist - Ernest Renen -  Part I - Part II -Part III

Syriac Translation of the Apocalypse (1897 Edition)

Bampton Lectures (1785)

Nisbett, Triumphs of the Messiah (1802)

Tutor Facsimile Text - Nero the Tyrant (1607)

Fall of Jerusalem & Roman Conquest (1870)

Lightfoot, Hebraica (1658)

Thomas Hall, Exposition on Amos (1661)

Bishop Thom. Newton, Dissertations on the Prophecies  - Vol. I (1754)

Bishop Thom. Newton, Dissertations Vol. II (1754)

Newton, Matthew 24 (1754)

Townley - Second Coming Past Event (1845)

Eusebius,Theophania, Samuel Lee translator (1843)

Ephraim Currier, Second Coming of Christ (1841)

Works of Beilby Porteus, Bishop of London (1823)

Destruction of Jerusalem, Wilkins (1816)

John Noyes, Berean (1847)

Patrick Fairbairn, The Typology of Scripture (1854)

The Moriad, or End of the Jewish State by Ben Asaph (3rd century A.D.)

Alfred Edersheim, Sketches of Jewish Social Life (1876)

Marion Morris, Christ's Second Coming Fulfilled (1917)


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