Studies Regarding the

"Latter Days"


The Last Days

"The Last Time"

The Destruction of Jerusalem 1803

The Fall of Jerusalem F. W. Farrar

Consummation of the Pre-Messianic Age - Milton Terry

The Moral Condition of the World, F. W. Farrar

Dispensationalism Defined Historically, Stephen Sizer

Cornelius Tacitus and the Destruction of Jerusalem

Eusebius on the Destruction of Jerusalem


Eusebius' Demonstratio Evangelica, Bk. vi

Eusebius' Demonstratio Evangelica, Bk. vii

Eusebius' Demonstratio Evangelica, Bk. viii

The Prophecy of the Destruction of Jerusalem - N Nisbett M A

Sulpicius Severus Persecution of Christians and Destruction of Jerusalem

Moses Stuart, Preterist Commentator

Dom Touttee's St. Cyril

The Binding and Loosing of the Great Red Dragon and the Reign of the Martyrs

Wound to the Beast's Head: Pilate and Caiaphas Deposed by Vittelius, Josephus

Three Usages of the "Kingdom of Heaven" in Scripture

The Age to Come and the Eternal State

The Marriage of the Lamb

The Times of the Gentiles and the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel


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