Studies in New Heavens & Earth

Sir Isaac Newton Symbolism of the Heavens & Earth

Understanding the Voice of the Prophets

How Do Preterists View the Kingdom of Christ?

The Christian's Destiny and the New Creation

The New Heavens and Earth


Symbolism of the Heavens & Earth: National and Political, or Covenantal?

The New Jerusalem The Covenantal Habitation of the Saints

The Times of the Gentiles and the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel 

Through a Glass Darkly

Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make No. 1: The Eschaton was Essentially Local

Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make No. 2: The Eschaton was Essentially Covenantal

Four Errors Current Among Preterists

Christ’s Eschatological Coming: Jewish or Universal?

The Heavens and the Earth: Dr. John Owen

Restored Israel and the Kingdom of the Messiah The Parousia in the Second Epistle of St. Peter

The Gospel of the Kingdom, Phillip Mauro

The Marriage of the Lamb



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