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With What Body Do They Come? A Look at the Resurrection

Geographical Distribution of Demon Possession - Mapping Demon Belief in the New Testament

Three Usages of the "Kingdom of Heaven" in Scripture

The Violent Face of Futurism

Commentary on Daniel Eleven

Commentary on Daniel Twelve

The Coming of Christ and the Restitution of All Things

How Do Preterists View the Kingdom of Christ?

Why I am a Preterist

Why I am a Preterist, Part II

Why I am a Preterist, Part III

Three Views on the Rapture & Change

Three Veiws on the Resurrection

II Peter 3:10-13  and The Day of the Lord

The Time of Reformation

The Age to Come and the Eternal State 

What is the "Creation" of Rom. 8:19-23?

Fulfilled Eschatology, the Calendar, and the Kingdom and Coming of Christ

The Marriage of the Lamb

Demons & Unclean Spirits shown to be Madness, Epilepsy, and other Physical Maladies

Origen was a Preterist!

What is the "Gathering" of Matt. 24:29-31?

Mea Culpa: How I was Wrong on Eph. 1:13, 14 and the "Redemption of the Purchased Possession"

Don Preston on Revelation's Millennia (Both of Them) 

What is the Kingdom & Dominion of Christ?

Exposition of II Thessalonias 1 & 2

What Happened in AD 70? What Happened at the Cross?

Bishop John Lightfoot - A SERMON (A.D. 1674)

An Exposition of II Corinthians 3

An Exposition of II Corinthians 4 & 5

Review of John Evans Prophecies of Daniel Two

Revelation Explained - Commentary on Rev. 9-11

Simmons’ Review of Tim Martin’s “Covenant Creationism”

Understanding the Voice of the Prophets

A Preterist Exposition of I Corinthians 15

An Open Letter to Mac Deaver
Restored Israel and the Kingdom of the Messiah

On The Symbolism of Prophecy   

St John Chrysostom Contra Judaeos

Christian Zionism 


Frost's Reconstruction of Revelation Twenty

 A Critical Review of a Frost's Exposition of Revelation Twenty

The Gospel of the Kingdom, Phillip Mauro

Hegesippus, the Martyrdom of James, and the Destruction of Jerusalem

Replacement Theology, Truth Or Anti-Semitism ?

The Praeterist Interpretation, F.W. Farrar

The Stromata Clement of Alexandria

What Christians Don't Know About Israel

7th Day Adventism Renounced

The Times of the Gentiles and the Restoration of the Kingdom to Israel

Dispensationalism Defined Historically, Stephen Sizer

Rethinking II Peter Three - Toward a More Expansive Understanding of the Eschaton

Seven Problems with Futurist Theology

The Semantics of Rational Preterism

Refutation of Martin's "Star that Astonished the World"

Dating the Birth of Christ and Death of Herod the Great

Moses Stuart, Preterist Commentator

Dom Touttee's St. Cyril

Two Kinds of Ground, Philip Mauro

The Bampton Lectures - Oxford 1913 - The 1st Century Church in Rome

Letter of the Emperor Claudius Regarding the Riots of the Jews in Alexandria

The Desire of Nations and the Earnest Expectation of the Creature 

Why Zionism Is Racism

'Calvin is a Prζterist'

The Prophecy of Daniel Two

Four Errors Current Among Preterists

Christ’s Eschatological Coming: Jewish or Universal?

Destruction of Jerusalem 1803

Through a Glass Darkly


The Road Back to Preterism - A Brief History of Eschatology and the Church

Matthew Henry on Matthew 24

Milton S. Terry, the Gospel of Matthew and the Parousia of Christ

Still Chosen? Are the Jews Still the Elect of God?

Was the Eschaton Local?

Review of IsraelWarren's 1879 Parousia

The Attack on Full Preterism - Which Death was Destroyed in AD 70?

Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make No. 1: The Eschaton was Essentially Local

Urgent Corrections Preterism Must Make No. 2: The Eschaton was Essentially Covenantal

 Le AntiChrist - Ernest Renen - Part I - Part II - Part III

Eutychus Eliza First Every Preterist Play

Ulrich Beeson - The Revelation free pdf book

Simmons' Response to Simmons - Is Universalism a Logical Corollary of Full Preterism?

Revelation: A Tale of Two Cities: An internal study of the Apocalypse

Dogmatizing about Eternal Conscious Torment In Hell

Rethinking the Kingdom
Kurt's Response to Don's Argument from Romans 11:26, 27 - Part I

Kurt's Response to Don - Part II

A Call to Conservatism

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