Studies in the Millennia


"It must be observed, that two distinct thousand years are mentioned throughout this whole passage. "

John Wesley



Three Usages of the "Kingdom of Heaven" in Scripture

How Do Preterists View the Kingdom of Christ?

Bimillennialism - A Contemporary-Historical Analysis of the Apocalypse

Why Two Millennia?

Revelation's Millennia & Greco-Roman Notions of Hades

Objections to "Transmillennialism" and other Millennium Models

Don Preston on Revelation's Millennia (Both of Them)

John Wesley's Two Millennia

Daniel Steele's Bimillennialism

Bengel's Bimillennialism

Why the Single Millennium Model Forces a Futurist Eschatology

The Binding & Loosing of the Great Red Dragon and the Reign of the Martyrs

Zionists Dream of Millennial Reign!



* A Reconstruction of Revelation Twenty - Frost

 * A Critical Review of a Frost's Exposition of Revelation Twenty


"Transmillenarianism" - A Critical Review of the Millennium according to Max King

* Simmons/Frost Debate - A Critical Response to Kurt Simmons' Bi-Millennialism

 * Simmons' First Response to Frost

*  Frost's Second Response to Simmons

* Simmons Second Response to Frost

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